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Curved Glass Suction Pad

- Designed Primarily for Lifting Curved Architectural Glass


- Lifting Capacity 57kg.


- Red-Line Indicator Warns User of Any Vacuum Loss Thumb Trigger for Instant Release 


-  8" (203 mm) Vacuum Pad  Eligible for Exchange Program


Hand Held Vacuum Lifters for Curved Glass are designed to make the carrying and lifting of large architectural curved glass sheets, windscreens (windshields), and thin flexible materials such as 1/16" (2 mm) sheet metals safe and easy. The handle is composed of tough ABS plastic, and the rubber suction cup has a diameter of 8" (203 mm). Vacuum attachment to flat, non-porous surfaces is achieved in a few seconds by depressing the pump's plunger until it stays well within the handle, beyond the red-line safety indicator. Once attachment has been achieved the glass sheet can be lifted easily by hand. The rubber cup has the capability of handling almost any manual lift without damaging the delicate surface, and is released instantly from the material by pressing the thumb release.

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